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Methods of Hacking and the Damages they Cause (Essay Sample)


This is an essay that explains various methods of hacking as a cybersecurity threat and the damages they cause when they attack your electronic device. i explained ten methods of hacking, The damages they cause and the preventive measures to put in place to prevent them from attcking your computer or any other personal device.


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Methods of Hacking and the damages they cause
Hackers can access many hacking techniques, tools, and technical know-how when they target people or organizations. Fight fire with fire if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. You'll be able to spot weaknesses and thwart attackers in their tracks by being knowledgeable about the most popular hacking techniques and arming yourself with the appropriate tools. The following are methods of hacking and the damages they can cause.
Distributed denial of service (DDoS
The first method of hacking is Distributed denial of service (DDoS); DDOS is a type of cybercrime in which an attacker floods a server with internet traffic to prevent users from accessing linked online services and sites. A DDoS attack floods a target website with fictitious traffic using a network of connected online devices known as a botnet. Computers and other networked resources, like IoT devices, can be exploited by machines. From afar, a DDoS attack resembles unexpected traffic congestion that blocks the roadway and prevents regular traffic from reaching its destination. A DDoS attack overloads the network pipe's bandwidth or the devices that deliver it.
Skimming is a technique used by identity fraudsters to get a credit card holder's financial and personal information. Fraudsters have a variety of methods for obtaining card information, with the most sophisticated process involving a tiny gadget called a skimmer that reads the data from a card's magnetic stripe or microchip (Kagan, Par 3). Identity thieves can obtain information from cardholders through skimming that they can use to complete fraudulent transactions. Information that can be used fraudulently may be photocopied or captured using a digital

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