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Software Security Testing (Essay Sample)


Write a 1-2 page summary of one of the following papers available
in the References folder on eLearning.
Select any paper. Identify two or three key points made by the
authors in your summary.
12-point font, double-spaced, Word document (or pdf).
Candidate Papers
 N. Antunes and M. Vieira, “Penetration Testing for Web
Services,” IEEE Computer, February 2014.
 B. Arkin, S. Stender, and G. McGraw, “Software Penetration
Testing,” IEEE Security & Privacy, January/February 2005.
 M. Dunn and L. Merkle, "Overview of Software Security Issues
in Direct-Recording Electronic Voting Machines," Proceedings
of the 13th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and
Security, National Defense University, Washington, DC, March
 G. Klees, A. Ruef, B. Cooper, S. Wei, and M. Hicks,
“Evaluating Fuzz Testing,” Proceedings of the 2018 ACM
SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications
Security, Toronto, Canada, October 2018
 B. Potter and G. McGraw, “Software Security Testing,” IEEE
Security & Privacy, September/October 2004.
 H.H. Thompson, “Why Security Testing Is Hard,” IEEE
Security & Privacy, July/August 2003.
 G. Tian-Yang, S. Yin-sheng, and F. You-yuan, “Research on
Software Security Testing,” World Academy of Science,
Engineering, and Technology, Vol. 70, 2010.


“Software Security Testing” Summary
Software security has grown to be one of the essential aspects of the world of computer technology. "Software Security Testing” by Potter Bruce and Gary McGraw highlights several vital aspects surrounding software security testing. According to Potter and McGraw (81), security testing has grown beyond the confines of network port scanning to probing software behavior. Furthermore, they highlight that probing software behavior exists as a critical element of system behavior. Consequently, the paper also mentions that testing software security is often highly misunderstood. There are several key points covered in the paper regarding software security testing.

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