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How Use of Technologies can Influence the Quality of Care in Hospitals (Essay Sample)


the paper explains the impact of technology in improving the care of patients in hospitals.


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How Use of Technologies Can Influence the Quality of Care in Hospitals
Technology has become a vital part of medicine today. It has helped better the patient outcome, better performance of medical practitioners, and risk reduction while carrying out patient’s treatment.
Technology has been largely involved in ensuring patients safety and quality improvement in hospitals. The following are some of ways in which technology has influenced the quality of care in hospitals:
Technology has enabled patient-involved treatment or patient-centered treatment. One of the most critical parts in the patient's recovery is their satisfaction and compliance with the treatment program. Technology has enabled communication between the medical practitioners and the patients through online portals and messaging programs, enabling the patients to be more active in their treatment program and have a clear picture of the treatment they are undergoing. (Karim and Gide 27). Patients are also able to check their medical records and analyze their progress.

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