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Black lives matter movement essay. Law Assignment. (Essay Sample)


The task was to analyze the black lives matter movement in regard to the George Floyd protests.


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Black Lives Matter Movement
The movement of Black Lives Matter is a devolved social and political movement that supports civil dis-obedience that is non-violent. The movement protests against incidences of racially motivated and police brutality violence against the United States’ black people. The movement was formed in 2013 in the United States. The movement signals the condemnation of unfair killings and brutality of Black people by the police. The movement also signals the need of the United States’ society to value the humanity and lives of the black people the same way it values the humanity and lives of the white people.
The movement of Black Lives Matter started in July 2013. This was after the release of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot to death Trayvon Martin who was an African American. Additionally, in 2014, the movement was recognized nationwide because of the demonstrations due to the brutal murder of two black Americans; Eric Garner and Michael Brown (Holt et al., 17). Since then, the movement participants have protested against the death of several black Americans due to police brutality or as the black people are in police custody.
The movements as well as its provocative tactics of protest have played a key role in changing public discourse in the way the United States’ perceives its black people. Since its inception, the Black Lives Matter movement has been resisting various dominant views and narratives that Black American people are minor and inferior as compared to the whites. As a result, the black people have been experiencing a lot of injustices including police brutality. Therefore, the movement intensifies counter discourses and knowledge that affirms the need of recognizing the black communities and according them human rights same as the white people. Over the last few years the movement has successfully cultivated the power of the black people and drawn its intended message through forcing its narrative to the public.

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