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Scruggs Vs The State Of Texas: A Fire That Destroyed A Property (Essay Sample)


how law enacts

Name Instructor Course Date Scruggs v. The State of Texas 1 What Happens The appellant had intentionally started a fire that destroyed a property. The reason for the arson was disagreement between the appellant, who was working as a handyman on the property and the tenant. The tenant resorted to move out of the house and while packing her possessions, the appellant started the fire. The appellant then threatened the tenant that he had been serious about starting the fire. The appellant claims that he tried to fight the spread of the fire although he was not successful. The appellant argues that his conviction did not weigh the evidence about the circumstances of the incident. 2 Facts and Elements The legal proceedings consider all evidence in an impartial manner. However, the evidence provided by the witness was sufficient for a conviction because it was strong enough to support the sentencing. Furthermore, no witnesses contradicted each other, which could have resulted in an unjust sentencing even though the evidence supported the conviction. In this regard, the trial court was right in convicting the appellant. 3 Issue The issue of the case is whether the evidence was sufficient to support conviction of the appellant. 4 Rule of Law According to the Texas rule of evidence, t...
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