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Article analysis (Essay Sample)


Article analysis- anthropology
the task was the review of an article from an anthropology view.


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Article analysis: Paris attack suspect wanted to target Charlie Hebdo with Arson
Terrorism is a social problem that affects the whole world and undermines global peace. The article Paris attack suspect wanted to target Charlie Hebdo with Arson by Aurelien Breeden, a suspected terror act. A young man, Mr. Mahmood, 25, stabbed two people outside the former Charlie Hebdo office in Paris and admitted to planning to set the building on fire(Breeden 2020). Mr. Mahmood justifies his actions as a rally against the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, used by the satirical newspaper. Despite not claiming allegiance to any terrorist group, the act is seen as dangerous and what could be termed a terror. Terrorism is an essential topic in the social world. It helps explain the violence globally and helps develop ways of predicting and explaining why terrorist activities occur. This paper aims to help explain this article through two different types of research used in anthropology.
In anthropology, researchers use cross-cultural research to define the differences between different cultures and explain their opposing views. The evidence and information found help determine the cause of the difference in beliefs and the characteristics that cause it (Ember et al., 2015). Aurelien Breeden explains that Mr. Mahmood is not affiliated with any terror group. However, his actions can be defined as terroristic. Based on differences in culture between the French and Pakistani, the accusations against Mr. Mahmood seem to have a basis. The Islamic background of Mr. Mahmood is a point of concern for authorities because Islamists make up a considerable portion of most terror groups.
The difference between the two groups, the French and the Pakistani, has created a rift that creates discord and distrust. Based on the differences in beliefs and culture, the groups lack an understanding of each other, resulting in acts of terrorism. According to Kluch and Vaux (2015), substantive evidence proves that particular forms of terrorism have a relationship with cultural dimensions. The cross-cultural differences help explain the various forms of violence and what it means for the different social factions.
Through the history of a particular group of people, it is possible for anthropologists to explain their actions and their motivations to commit individual acts. The arrest of Mahmood can be explained in a historical context and viewed to be bias based on how Isla mists are considered globally. Based on the previous terror attacks and some by Isla mists, it is safe to say that history has an underlining say in how the French view this particular act. Historical research from the bombing of September 11, 201, in the United States and preceding attacks worldwide, including the ongoing standoff with ISIS, the view of Islam has changed.
Historical research is used to test a single social faction based on research done by other anthropologists, observations, and speculative interpretation to help establish reasons for certain acts. Historical research is vital as it helps establish a basis line for reasoning and helps gain perspective on a specific group of persons (Ember et al., 2015). There is a significant amount of influence placed on views and beliefs of people on terror t based on research done during past times, as explained by Schuurman (2018). It is, therefore, necessary to understand different societies, and this he

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