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Audience point of view:the "Green New Deal" (Essay Sample)

discussion of the climate change and it is double spaced source..
Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Audience Point of view: The “Green New Deal” The “Green New Deal” receives a lot of partisan attention on how it addresses the issue of climate change. The democrats widely support its conservative energy policies that seek to minimize the use of fossil fuels (Worland par.1). However, majority of the Republicans dismiss it as a joke that is not sustainable. Majority of the “Green New Deal” proponents, supporters and critics base their arguments according to their ideologies on climate change. The “Green New Deal” has raised a lot of biased controversial debates on the issue of climate change. The proponents of “Green New Deal” argue that it is an effective policy for addressing both inequality and climate change. The policy facilitates transition from use of fossil fuels and economic exploitation to clean energy and a sustainable economic system ("What Is a Green New Deal?" par.1). The proponents of the “Green New Deal” argue that it will achieve a lot of benefits including creating millions of self –sustaining jobs, promote racial and economic equity, tackling pollution and climate change. According to Ellsmoor the long-term benefits will make a lot of impact since fossil fuels and natural gases are finite fuels (par.8). Critics of the “Green New Model” policy argue that implementation of the policy will be catastrophic and cause more harm than good. Implementation of the policy will cost a lot and create a huge financial burden for taxpayers (Ebell par.3). Strict policies on carbon emissions will lead to loss of employment since many oil and coal based industries will be replaced by industries based on renewable energy. In addition, undergoing a full transition into renewable energy within ten years is highly impossible. Supporters of the policy present serious concerns on the issue of sustainability and climate change that should be addressed in order to avoid catastrophic consequences. There is need to adapt to clean renewable energy sources and minimize the use and effects of fossil fuels. However, the critics make a valid argume...
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