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Formulating a PICO Statement/Question on CIAB Report Life Sciences (Essay Sample)


Dear Writer,
"This assignment is designed to help you consider how you might frame a question to more broadly research a topic. A simple example of PICO framing was provided in the "Formulating Questions with PICO" reading. For this assignment, form a PICO statement/question based on how the Columbia Accident Investigation Board may have approached their analysis found in Chapter 7 of the CAIB report."
Format: pico framing


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Formulating a PICO Statement/Question on CIAB Report
P -Problem
What problems led to the development of the airspace shuttle accident in Columbia? What could have been the contributing factors to the fatal accident? What could NASA have done to prevent the accident? The problem under investigation was the accident that killed all the crew members on board.
What did the government do to establish the root cause of the accident? To answer this questions, the government established a board to investigate the accident independently. The Columbia Accident Investigation Board conducted independent investigations to establish the cause of the accident with the assumption that the accident was not a random event. NASA has a history with regards to human space flights.
C- Comparison/Control

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