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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health


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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
Change in climate impacts human health in numerous ways. Change in climate brings about extreme change in weather events making them more severe and intense. The impact of the change in climate on weather events further impacts the environment contaminating the food and the water we consume. Temperature, frequency, and precipitation also increase making the air unfit on human health. When air, food, and water is contaminated, it poses a threat to the health and well-being of human beings. However, the extent of the health issues is determined by the ability to handled it. Studies show that globally, 3rd world countries are the most vulnerable when it comes to health impacts due to climate change. Nonetheless, developed nations are subjected to health issues related to climate change. Categorically, mature people, expectant women, and children are the most endangered.

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