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Atom and Atomic Theory Life Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


describe the invention of atom and how the atomic theories contributed to technological advancement


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Atom and Atomic Theory
The exploration of electrons (e-), neutrons (n0), and protons (p+), through experiments carried out by four distinguished scientists, with more human knowledge on radioactivity in 1898 marked the growth and advancements in modern technology. Modern technological advancements rely so much on the knowledge of atoms and the atomic theory.
J. J. Thomson discovered the e- in 1897 while carrying out his cathode ray experiment. The experiment consisted of a tube, partially evacuated, with an anode and a cathode attached at each end. The power supply was connected to the cathode and the anode, such that the cathode was negative and the anode was positive. Negative cathode rays which traveled in straight lines were emitted from the cathode when an electrical shock was sent through it. When a positive magnet was introduced to the rays, they deflected towards the positive magnet showing that they are negative (Petrucci et al., 35).

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