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Social movements Life Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


the essay required me to express my understanding of the course content and how creative I can be at coming up with my own topic and show how the issue can be understood using a sociological framework.


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March 14, 2020
Social Movements
Section I: Social Movements
A social movement is a constant and patterned effort engaging the mobilization of significant numbers of people working together to bring beneficial societal change and resist the toxic social changes. Globally, social movements translate to dramatic events gaining either positive or negative interest. In the United States, movements such as the abolitionist movement of ending slavery in the 19th century, the women’s right to vote movement, and the civil rights movement aiming to end racial discrimination. In a country's history, social movements and national campaigns enhance collective and conservative changes. Arguably, in America, current political issues result due to the application of various concepts addressed in social movements.
Recently, America has undergone various social activists as citizens released a defection of the governing system. The election of Donald Trump in 2016 led to most xenophobic, cruel policies, and demagogic practices (New York, The Path of Greatest Resistance, 2019). As a result, various social movement activities such as airport demonstrations in Washington, Women's March, the objection against a detachment of immigrant families, and Trump’s plan to deport undocumented immigrants took place. Accordingly, the decreases of mass media activities such as in The Washington Post and The New York Times is observable due to reduced subscriptions (New York, The Path of Greatest Resistance, 2019). Overall, events imply Trump's assaults on civil liberties, rights, and constitutional traditions.

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