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YouTube review. In Vitro Fertilization and Natural Family Planning (Essay Sample)


YouTube review on fertilization


In Vitro Fertilization and Natural Family Planning
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In Vitro Fertilization and Natural Family Planning
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis involves genetic profiling of an embryo before implantation takes place. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is an adjunct to assisted reproductive technology, and therefore, it requires the use of in vitro fertilization to get an embryo for evaluation. Use of blastomere or blastocyst biopsy is the usual method in which embryos are obtained. Nonetheless, preimplantation genetic diagnosis has brought about ethical concerns. In the context of family balancing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis can be used to discern and select the preferred sex of an embryo. Only the desired embryos are implanted while the rest are discarded or donated to the scientific world.
Additionally, preimplantation diagnosis has the potential to screen for genetic issues that are unrelated to medical necessity, for instance, beauty, intelligence, and moreover discriminate against undesired traits such as disability. The idea of discriminating based on intelligence, beauty, or disability has been termed not only counterintuitive but also controversial. The principle of procreative beneficence has been put forward to let parents choose the kind of children they would like to have. The proponents argue that through preimplantation genetic diagnosis, parents can realize whatever kind of children they would like to have. The Roman Catholic Church disapproves preimplantation genetic diagnosis becomes it involves the destruction of life, and further contrary to the principles of nature.

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