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Chemistry. Description of the periodic table arrangement. (Essay Sample)


Description of the periodic table arrangement


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The Periodic Table: Arrangement of Elements
The periodic table is the most essential concept in chemistry which provides an avenue for research through succinct classification of elements. It is a remarkable representation of elements which are shown not as a random cluster but instead illustrated as trends which lie together in groups and periods. Learning periodic table is important for everyone who is studying fundamental building blocks of chemistry. The elements are grouped depending on the atomic number, which provides different physical and chemical properties, in order to obtain a periodically repeated pattern.
The periodic table constitutes of seven periods which lie vertically in increasing order. Each of the period has a period number, n, which shows the highest principal quantum number with the initial having two elements. The others have eight, eight, eighteen, eighteen and thirty-two elements respectively. On the contrary, the seventh period is not complete but like the sixth period, on the basis of quantum number, it has a maximum of thirty-two elements composed of lanthanoids and actinoids (Chung 80). 

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