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About Human Knowledge Based on Two Reference Sources (Essay Sample)


the task was to write a three page essay about human knowledge based on two reference sources

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Human knowledge
Human knowledge in its basic simplest form can be defined as an individual ability to understand facts, concepts, skills and certain relevant information. This skill of understanding can be attained through education or experience in a certain field for a long period of time. A knowledge issue is a significant topic of concern that philosophers have been researching on overtime to try and understand where human knowledge begins and what constitutes it. Over time there has been a continuous argument on the existence of different types of knowledge especially in the context of philosophy. Knowledge is perceived in different point views, some people view knowledge as a skill that human beings are born with and that advances as they grow up each and every day. On the other hand, others believe that knowledge is a skill that humans normally acquire after birth. This essay will provide a detailed analysis of different views of human knowledge, justification of each perspective which includes its strength and weaknesses as it tries to explain the foundation of human knowledge.
Normally, knowledge understanding is based on two scenarios, one which requires some kind of experience to understand facts and concepts and the one which doesn’t require any kind of experience, it basically requires inborn knowledge to understand concepts and information. Locke, (1) argues that human beings are born with some levels of knowledge which usually differentiates us from other animals. He explains that the important thing is to investigate the actual initial origin of human knowledge so as to determine if indeed knowledge requires some form of experience or whether it is inborn from the beginning. Skills of knowledge that human beings acquire through their life growing process enable them to reason on issues such as being able to know that a triangle contains three sides, such skills are achieved through education which therefore means that knowledge is not really inborn but acquired as a skill through experience.
Descartes, (2) describes the ...
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