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Impact of Women and Terrorism (Essay Sample)


Write on the impact of terrorism on women.
Discuss how women have contributed to terrorism in the current world TODAY
Discuss factors that have led women to the involvement of TERRORISM in the modern TIMEs.
Give some of the ways that should be applied to reduce women involvement in terrorism?
Why do you think in the ancient times women's involvement in terrorism was remote?


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Women and Terrorism
Terrorism is one of the major security problems facing the world today. As such, governments around the globe have taken stringent measures to combat and prevent it. However, the threat of terrorism has evolved significantly, and it is characterized by a divergence from traditional to non-traditional acts of terror. Notably, whereas terrorism has traditionally been a domain of the male gender, today, women are involved not only as victims but also as perpetrators. As terrorism continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, policymakers and stakeholders in the security sector need to reexamine and understand women’s role in terrorism as both perpetrators and victims.
Alongside children, women are the greatest victims of terrorism and bear the brunt of the most atrocious acts committed by terrorists. Terrorists often use rape and other forms of sexual violence to control women, based on the ideological perception and classification of women as second-class citizens (Bhattacharya 1081). For example, the Islamic State promises the reward of wives to male recruits to lure them into joining the organization. In terror-stricken countries, the majority of fatalities are women. Therefore, women are the first and greatest victims of terrorism. Nevertheless, besides being victims, trends in modern terrorism have seen women play the role perpetrators.
In the past decade, women-led terrorist activities have increased significantly, and several factors have influenced the use of women to perpetrate acts of terror. Women provide an excellent cover for terrorist groups, and terrorists take advantage of cultural norms in conservative societies that frown upon the inappropriate touching of women to recruit women and use them to launch acts of terror (Bloom 3-4). The portrayal of women as weak in many societies, coupled with the fact that they are excluded from public and economic life, has made them easy targets for terrorists who promise them empowerment and fulfillment. As a result, some of the most violent and severe terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by women in recent years.
Understanding the role of women in terrorism is pivotal to the development of policies to prevent terrorism. First, increasing gender equality and empowering women will reduce the vulnerabilities that make them easy targets for recruitment to terrorist organizations (UNODC 20). Moreover, protecting women from terrorism and reducing their vulnerability will require governments to address violent extremism through appropriate interventions under the auspices of the international community. These interventions will foster peaceful interventions and reduce women-led terrorism as well as their victimization.
In conclusion, traditional terrorist behaviors and trends have changed tremendously. Although women have traditionally played a remote role

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