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Is Space Exploration Still Important Today? (Essay Sample)


Topic: "Is space exploration still important today?"
Citation: MLA
2 pages or 550 words
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There are numerous valuable reasons why space exploration still remains relevant and
vital in the modern world. It is not only an opportunity to build advanced technologies and
discover new worlds, but also an avenue to work together toward a greater goal, regardless of
race, nationality, and gender.


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Is space exploration still important today?
Despite being a final frontier, space is an expensive endeavor to explore. According to Hegedüs, Ákos, and Dániel, there are numerous problems facing humanity on earth (401). The challenges lead some individuals to question if space exploration is important and worth pursuing. Due to overpopulation, people are increasingly burning the natural resources of the earth at a fast rate. On the contrary, virtually unlimited resources can considerably replenish the earth's limited resources. While pessimistic views contend that space exploration is irrelevant in the modern world, exploring space remains critical to humanity. It can replenish the earth's resources, support technological development, and save lives.

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