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The Power of Working Together (Essay Sample)


Being an exceptionally innovative individual is less valuable than being an effective member of a team. individual creativity may be a spark that frequently leads to breakthroughs, but the collective creativity of a team has the potential to actually transform the world. Therefore, the ability to operate well in a group is more valuable than the ability to come up with really original ideas. Collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and the capacity to use individual abilities towards the achievement of a shared objective are all necessary components of effective teamwork.


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21 April 2023
The Power of Working Together
The value of being a team worker outweighs being a brilliantly creative person. While creativity may be a spark that often leads to breakthroughs, a team's collective creativity can truly change the world (Larson and Leslie 101377). Therefore, being a team worker is more important than to be a brilliantly creative person. Effective teamwork requires collaboration, diversity, inclusivity, and the ability to leverage individual strengths towards a common goal.
To begin with, the sparks of creativity ignite through collaboration as individuals come together to share and exchange their unique ideas, fuelling each other's imaginations and propelling innovation forward. In this case, teamwork is more fulfilling than depending on individual brilliance and creativity. For instance, the success of Apple's Pixar, a product co-founded by the deceased Steve Jobs, would not have been successful if he had not collaborated with animators, writers, and producers (Walia 213). Hence, the true power of innovation does not solely lie in individual creativity but in 

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