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Diversity: The Principles Of Diversity Management You Learned (Essay Sample)


response to DIVERSITY in company setting, and strategies to be taken, to ensure diversified leadership

Qn: How can you apply the principles of diversity management you learned in your readings to create an environment in which each person feels respected and valued?
Diversity management is part of human resource management, involves the recognition, effective deployment and harmonization of the individual employee. Also, diversity management is much more than a just multicultural issue; it is about embracing many different types of people, who stand for different things and represent different cultures, generations, ideas, and thinking.
The principles of diversity management are very important to our company. It will create an effective workplace, where creative thinking process and innovation of each employee is recognized and appreciated, and the management will be able to maximize employee’s knowledge and expertise to achieve the company objectives better. To create this diversified environment, the company should modify their recruitment and hiring practices to reach more diverse audiences and engage and support its employees.
The company management should manage change while creating change which inspires their employees. This will ensure that the company infuse diversity into all organizational processes and integrate it into the core values of the company. Thus, recognizing diversity as an important goal, and position the responsibility for diversity not merely with human resources management or diversity offices, but with top management hierarchy of the company. Also, the diversity should be linked to company’s strategic plans. Diversity strategic planning concreated on creating measurable ways diversity can support the strategic objectives, direction, and goals of the company. Thus, for management to ensure active and successful diversity, it should align with and provide support for strategic objectives and operational decision. The company should empower employees through leadership. The meaning is that diversity does not depend on top management or a single individual. This is because the leadership understands the importance of employee involvement i...
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