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Disadvantages of Market Environmentalism (Essay Sample)


This is an essay on one of the debate ful topic in the field of environmental science, "Market Environmentalism ". THIS ESSAY Explores the disadvantages of Market ENVIRONMENTALism, with strong arguments.


Environmental Economics
July 17, 2023
Disadvantages of Market Environmentalism
Market environmentalism is a broad set of ideas centered on the market, as a most important mechanism, for regulating the use of resources and solving environmental problems. Some of its key concepts, which hold it as an effective mechanism, are as follows.
* The use of resources will change along with the change in market signals (Elliot 49). For example, when resources become scarcer, competition will increase, and prices will rise, then the use of resources will decline due to low demand because of high prices.
* There is an economic incentive to develop substitutes and increase efficiency in the use of resources.
* Putting a value on environmental goods and services ensures that

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