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Federal Reserve Board of Governors chairpersons. Mathematics Essay (Essay Sample)


ESSAY about the Federal Reserve Board of Governors chairpersons.


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Federal Reserve Board of Governors chairpersons
The federal Board of Governors' chairpersons refers to a board that runs and manages the Federal Reserve System. The board comprises seven members nominated by the president to take a fourteen-year term in service delivery to the nation. The responsibility of the chairperson, Jerome Powell, is to guide his team in performing the Fed's mandate of managing the reserve system of the United States. He is also responsible for overseeing the operations of the Federal Reserve Banks as well as executing the monetary policy of America. Besides, Powell is in charge of developing and implementing employment, price stabilization, and interest rates goals for the Fed. Furthermore, he approves the annual budgets for the Reserve Banks.
Powell has brought two major changes in the U.S. economy since he became the chair of the board. 

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