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Effect of Acid Rain on Trees (Essay Sample)

This sample was about analyzing the effects of acid rain on trees. source..
Name of Student Name of Professor Course Date The Effects of Acid Rain on Trees Trees, like most plants, need water to survive. Rain is a significant source of water for trees and other vegetation. Despite the significance of rain to trees, it could be a cause of their destruction when tainted by harmful chemicals. Human activities are known to pollute the environment in various ways. One of these is through the acidification of the atmosphere leading to acid rain. Acid rain is harmful to trees as it causes reduced growth, falling of leaves, change of leaf color to yellow or brown, and altered branching. These will be discussed in this essay to show the effects of acid rain on trees. Acid rain causes the yellowing and browning of leaves (Mudakavi 479). When acid rain falls on trees, the acidic components react on the leaves making them change color. The leaves become yellow or brown. Mudakavi states that when this happens, trees become unable to conduct photosynthesis, which is essential for their health and growth (p.480). Other than affecting the leaves, acid rain damages the soil and tree roots. Acidic water from acid rain dissolves nutrients and minerals before trees can absorb and use them for growth (Park 91). In addition, the sulfur and nitric acid will damaged the roots rendering the tree’s capacity to absorb food. This may eventually lead to the death of the tree. According to Mellanby, many scientists have related reduced tree growth with acid rain (p.91). As noted earlier, acid rain changes the color of tree leaves to yellow or brown. In some cases, it causes leaves to fall from trees while they are still green (Mudakavi 479). The destruction of leaves causes reduced growth and there have been instances of abnormal growth in trees, as well. Mellanby claims observed abnormalities include altered branching and the shoot emerging from out of place (p.94). All these complications impact the natural development of trees leading to reduced or stunted growth. Although soil may have the ability to resist changes caused by acid rain through a buffer, continued falling of acid rain wears off the soil and makes it less defensive (Trudgill 202). When the buffering capacity is reduced or overcome by acid rain, the soil pH undergoes rapid changes. As a result, acidity levels in the soil increase and the trees will experience growth challenges eventually die (Trudgill 203). Trudgill claims this acidity poisons the trees with toxins released from the affected soil and limits their nutrient availability (p.203). The trees will struggle to survive, but will be weak. This means they will be unable to protect themselves from diseases and harmful insects that could lead to their deaths. As observed, acidic rain is caused by human activities such as burning of fossil ...
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