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Global Warming Opinion (Essay Sample)

Chemistry: Global Warming Opinion
The decision to award IPCC and Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize remains valid considering the prize aims to provide recognition to individuals, who fight for factors that promote global peace. IPCC and Albert Arnold Gore Jr take the initiative of educating the public on global warming thus reducing conflicts. Controlling and managing natural resources promotes peace by providing enough resources to every community (Durkin). Change in global climate increases the occurrence of wars and conflicts between communities and states.
The link between climate change and conflict is new and one that remains criticized by researchers. In June 2014, the U.N. Secretary General said in a speech that effects of global warming instigated the war in Sudan (Forsyth and Schomerus 14). Change in weather patterns in the region reduced resources such as water and food production causing the people to concentrate on the available resources such as oil. Ban Ki-moon pointed that global warming in the area caused prolonged drought, leading to clashes between agricultural and pastoralist communities over the reduced land (Gross 97). Dwindling resources led to a rebellion against the central government prompting Sudanese leaders to support pastoralist communities by arming them with guns leading the region into war (Gross 97). If the original cause of the war was global warming, then it is the cause of over 400,000 lives lost during the war for the last four years (Gross 97). IPCC and Albert Arnold Gore, Jr deserve the peace price considering their initiative aids in reducing such deaths.
Technology is on the rise to create more factories, cars, and power plants to increase productions without analyzing the implications of the emissions they cause. The Caribbean, Central Africa, and Central Asia pose as good examples for areas with increased technology (Gross 98). These places however, have weak institutions, deficient infrastructure, and incompetent governments to regulate technological growth. The effects of Darfur’s crisis are felt in Central African Republic and Chad as pastoralist move from the deserts of Sudan to the rain forest in Congo (Forsyth and Schomerus 56). The pastoralists arm themselves with rifles to protect their animals as they feed on farming lands. Farmers retaliate to the invasion by arming themselves hence spiking conflicts. Government strategies change to ensure the two communities interact with minimal bloodshed. In relation to The Great Global Warming Swindle, the Sudanese and Chad governments have to invest more in analyzing their environmental changes (Durkin). In their different initiatives IPCC and Albert Arnold Gore, Jr indicate the need to reduce global warming as a means of reducing conflicts between states.
The Arctic is also experiencing the war instigated by global warming. One of the effects of global warming is the melting of the ice in the arctic region. States surrounding the arctic region such as Russia, Denmark, Canada, and Norway fight for the minerals that unlock when the ice melts. Al Gore in the Inconvenie...
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