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The Effect of Climate Change (Essay Sample)


the effect of climate change

Issue 6: Climate Change
In 2009, a group of top scientists from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Germany, China and South Africa made a joint statement stipulating that climate change is taking place at a much faster speed than it was previously anticipated (Strathclyde University, 2015). Even though the planet is set to undergo serious public health and environmental effects due to climate change, the United States is still adamant to fully mobilize and take charge of climate change.
In most instances, climate change has been regarded as an environmental problem. Over time, it has become more political and has tuned into an economical and legal problem. It is no longer considered to be a problem for environmentalists as its consequences will affect the entire population. Such concerns over climate change have resulted in policy makers from numerous countries considering ways through which they can minimize the emission of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere (Javeline 668). This is primarily because the release of these greenhouses gases destroys the earth’s ozone layer, which raises global temperatures and exposes a large number of the world’s population to harmful substances that greatly impact on human health.
Given the health risks that climate change poses to human health, it is the high time that interest groups and policymakers reframed their view on climate change and pushed for more effective mitigation measures and policies that would fully address this issue. By basing these policies on public health, such policies would greatly contribute to the formulation of more inclusive strategies aimed at combating climate change.
Following this discussion, two questions come to mind regarding climate change. How does climate change undermine states and governments? Do individual steps taken by countries to matter or should the world work together to combat climate change?

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