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Is the Five Level of Intensities a Logical Way to Measure Hurricanes? (Essay Sample)


Do you think five levels of intensity is a logical way to measure hurricanes?
Explain your thoughts?


Week 2 Discussion
Do you think five levels of intensity is a logical way to measure hurricanes?
Explain your thoughts?
The book highlights and explains the five levels of intensity easily and understandably. It starts by indicating that hurricanes are normally classified by observing the force of the wind. Briefly, the first level entails winds that go with a speed of around 74-95miles per hour. This kind of wind surges a storm of 4-5 feet above sea level. The second level goes with the speed if 96-11miles per hour and can surge a storm of 6-8 feet above sea level. The third level has a speed of about 111-129 miles per hour. The fourth level has a speed of 131-156mph and the fifth level has sustained winds greater than 156mph.

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