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The Process of Classical Conditioning (Essay Sample)


The task was to use classical conditioning, which involves placing a neutral signal in front of a naturally occurring reaction. A learned reaction is the outcome of establishing a link between two stimuli. The method requires the use of a naturally occurring stimulus to elicit an automatic response. When this neutral stimulus is combined with the UCS, a reaction is elicited. Unconditioned, natural, and automatic reactions are elicited by an unconditioned input. An unconditioned reaction is a natural response to an unconditioned stimuli that occurs without being trained. During the conditioning phase, a neutral stimulus is matched with an unconditioned stimulus.


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Classical Conditioning
In classical conditioning, a neutral signal is placed in front of a naturally occurring reaction. The establishment of a connection between two stimuli results in a learnt response. The approach calls for the utilization of a naturally occurring stimulus to induce an automatic response. During this stage of the process, the unconditioned stimulus (UCS) causes an unconditioned response (UCR) (Vinney). At this moment, there is also a neutral stimulus that has no effect—yet. A reaction is only evoked when this neutral stimulus is coupled with the UCS. An unconditioned stimulus elicits unconditioned, natural, and automatic reactions. A natural response to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without being taught is known as an unconditioned reaction. A neutral stimulus is paired with an unconditioned stimulus during the conditioning phase. The neutral stimulus becomes the conditioned stimulus over time. In the after-conditioning phase, the conditioned response is induced only by the conditioned stimuli.

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