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The Recognition of Indigenous People in Society (Essay Sample)


Paper instructions:i
3, 2, 1 Assignment instructions:
​Students will review one reading, and submit a 1-page paper including the following criteria:
3​ - Important points that hold the reading together
2​ - Critical questions about the reading; what would you ask the author or a classmate?
1 ​- Single paragraph synopsis; why is it relevant? What are the implications? How does it
relate to the other readings for the week?


Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name
Date of Submission
3. Main Points
* According to the article, it is apparent from the reading that indigenous people have rich and very diverse heritages, norms, cultures and heritages and information that is built on their relationship between one another and their connections to time and space.
* The majority of the people have incorporated their different languages and cultural inclinations in ways of learning that consists of practices that are geared towards sharing their heritage and information.
* The presence post-colonial states and their various satellite organizations such as the churches, learning institutions and media made the indigenous people to hate themselves, their norms, culture and lifestyle.
2. Critical Questions
1 Will the implementation process of the United Nation declaration be hard?
2 What does the scope of Amnesty International implies when people talk concerning human rights of the indigenous people?
The reading is fundamentally relevant on the basis that it assists in the process of fostering the recognition of the indigenous people. This society, in essence, ought to be examined through the lens of their cultural norms, practices, heritage and information and through critical examination of this culture, people will appreciate the indigenous persons better (Tauli-Corpuz, 17). The impact of the presence of stereotyping in the society on most cases tends to alienate the indigenous people and locking them from enjoying rights in the same magnitude like

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