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Cyberbullying: Schools should be Suspending Students in this Action? (Essay Sample)


the effect of cyberbullying on students. consequently, should be the schools must implement the suspension of a student who engages in this kind of activities.


Cyberbullying: Schools should be Suspending Students in this Action?
What is Cyberbullying? It is an act of committing harmful ways of action through the help of social media such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging site, etc. It can be done intentionally or unintentionally that can affect another person who might turn them into depression or more suicidal, because it can affect the individual emotionally and psychologically depress in which that the individual cannot handle (Gaffney et al., 140). It can also be the cause of a person to their physical and mental stress. Neither do we all know that affecting someone into cyberbullying has developing low Self-esteem, depression, and be considered suicide. We all agree that cyberbullying is a huge and major problem in most schools around the world. Not only here in the Philippines but also in every country. I remember about the days when I am still a student, I also underwent bullying by my fellow students and it’s affect my physical and mental health that cause me strain. I beg my parents to not to go to schools anymore so I can avoid those students who tormented me.. But nowadays that technology is spreading faster than we expect and learning to this even such a little kid (Olweus and Limber, 141). It can cause more factions into bullying; Cyberbullying is much easier to take action and much harder to prevent and to avoid. Even you prefer not to attend school anymore like what I did before to avoid the bullying, you cannot easily escape and prevent those kind of terrorizing in these days anymore So whether they suspend the students who are committing this kind of activities in cyberbullying, they can never subside and cease them from bullying other students.

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