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Risks of Teen Pregnancy (Essay Sample)


This essay discusses the consequences of teenage pregnancy on both individuals and society as a whole. It highlights the increased prevalence of pregnancies among girls under the age of twenty due to a lack of reproductive health education and limited accessibility to birth control methods. The essay explores the various risks associated with teenage pregnancy, including medical complications during childbirth, disruption of mothers' education and career prospects, and the impact on mothers' emotional and social health. It emphasizes the need for education, support, and access to contraceptives to prevent teenage pregnancies and help teenagers fulfill their potential.


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Risks of Teen Pregnancy
The rise of teenage pregnancy has yielded dire consequences for both affected individuals and the society as a whole. The incidence of pregnancies among girls below the age of twenty has significantly surged due to a dearth in reproductive health education and limited accessibility to birth control methods. Therefore, as teen girls continue to get pregnant several risks, such as medical complications, disruption of mothers' education, and impact on mothers' emotional and social health, will increase its prevalence.
Medical complications during childbirth—including pregnancy—are the biggest risk. For example, teen pregnancies are strongly linked to maternal anaemia, gestational hypertension, caesarean section, and operative vaginal births (Gul et al. 150). In addition, such risks and medical modifications on the female body may lead to developmental issues, especially puberty changes. Thus, teen 

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