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The role of one’s culture and age in views toward death and dying (Essay Sample)


using one source, answer the given questions on the topic of death and dying


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Death and Dying
The role of one’s culture and age in views toward death and dying.
Regardless of all the differences that human beings have on earth, they are all united by death and dying. The only difference that comes in at the point of death is the fact that different cultures have different views and ideologies on death and dying. Some of the views given by different cultures on death and dying include the perception of death as sleeping, total cessation, illness, and the reach of a certain age among others. Similarly, other cultures perceive death to be a process of transition to another life, while others believe that the dead still maintains constant touch with the living left behind. Such a diverse range of perceptions of death mean that the value and fear of death range from one culture to another. It is due to such a level of variance that different people have different views towards death. If the cultural belief is that the death coming to an individual offers hope of a better life and constant contact with the people left behind such a person would have less fear towards death compared to another person whose culture believes in the non-existence of life after death (Papalia et al. 63). Such a person would fear death because they believe that death brings a total end to their lives.

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