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Analysis of Books Religion & Theology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


This task involved an analysis of books in the third division of Hebrews writing with reference to Ezekiel 34:25-31.


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Analysis of Books in the third division of Hebrew writings in Relation to Ezekiel 34:25-31.
The bible has comprehensive and wide range texts that communicate different messages to the readers and intended audience who are predominantly Christian. The third division of Hebrew writings also referred to as the Ketuvim just like other books in the bible were written with the heavenly inspiration albeit with a lesser authority compared to that of the prophecy. The books in the third division of the Hebrew writings are divided into categories which include; poetical books which consist of proverbs, psalms and Jobs. The next section is the Megillot also referred to as scrolls and they consist of Songs of Solomon, Lamentations, Ruth, Ecclesiastes and Esther. Prophecy like Daniel and history sections that consist of Nehemiah, First and second chronicles and Ezra. Critical analysis of these Ketuvim books is undertaken with relation to Ezekiel 34:25-31. In the book of Ezekiel 32:25-31, God made a covenant of peace with his people where He promises to deliver His people to prosperity and deliver their land of beasts so they will be safe while also punishing their enemies who persecuted and enslaved them. This verse in the book of Ezekiel read in entirety symbolizes God promising His people exodus from suffering and humiliation to a land of long stating peace and tranquility as long as they keep their covenant with him. The analysis of the Ketuvim books is then undertaken to identify the Exodus motifs in the books and illustrate where and when they specifically occur in the books.

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