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Comparison of Churches in Rome, Florence, and Venice (Essay Sample)



Comparison of Churches in Rome, Florence, and Venice
The Pazzi Chapel in Florence
The Pazzi Chapel is one great work done by Filippo Brunelleschi. It is located in the southern part of the Great Franciscan church in Florence, Italy. By the appearance of the church, it is clear that the architect had pictured the whole structure before the actual job began. At the time of the construction, Brunelleschi was one of the few popularly known architects and could move from place to another in Rome analyzing structures. With this, he clearly understood the demands and structures of ancient Rome which he added up with his architectural ideas to come up with the magnificent structures. He knew that the structure was going to serve the principal purpose of a worship center, and therefore he designed it to suit this purpose perfectly.
The plan of the chapel is the square and the circle. The base is rectangular and is covered with a veiled conical central dome. The church is spacious, and the rooms are divided with white plasters. Above the Square is a hemispherical dome. The structure is preceded by an atrium that is made as the entrance point to the chapel. The atrium is supported by six columns that are strategically placed in the central arch. This gives the outer part a rectangular appearance, the size of a room. The top part is made up of the umbrella- shaped patterns. The rest of the position is covered by barrel vaults with round windows. The courtyard has amazing pavements that partition grass sections that are planted systematically. This gives a pleasant environment for visitors to have a good rest. From the appearance of the structure, it is evident that it is built with strong blocks of sand and cement and quality sturdy wood placed on top ofthe cap to give it a healthy roofing system.
The rooms inside open up into the square section. The square section is covered with fresco painting that significantly symbolize the beautiful sky above the city. These decorations bring forth an appealing appearance to the visitors and observers. The decorations in the central dome surely amazed me. They are made into round sculpture form and on them is the court of an arm of the Pazzi Chapel community. The thresholds and the chassis are well framed to give the square outlook. There is a relief that symbolize Saint Andrew seated on the throne. It is one of the significant structures in this chapel that will remain in the minds of the visitors who visit this beautiful scenery. In the relief, Saint Andrew is gazing at the terracotta that has images of apostles. The entrance to the chapel is adorned with a well-cemented floor to indicate to the visitors the harmony in the entire chapel.
San Marco in Venice
Saint Mark’s Basilica, also known as San Marco is a beautiful church to visit in Venice city. It is located at the center position of Piazza San Marco. Most visitors concentrate mostly on this area, unlike other structures and sceneries found within the compound. From a look at the outside the structure, it is a beautiful and well-shaped structure. The Byzantine façade has a soft light appearance that appears in winter. The inner parts are as well impressive and attractive. The floor is preciously tied. Behind the altar is the Pala d' Oro; a jewel-structured piece that looks very interesting. There are the images of the twelve apostles that are golden mosaic-dome shaped.
The church is well positioned, and rightly decorated. The church has a unique design. The walls are golden and developed in a particular mosaic pattern. San Marco represents a symbol of wealth in the metropolis; it is well constructed using the valuable materials found in the dry areas. The significance of decorating the walls of the church with gold is to demonstrate the wealthy nature of the congregation and to make the house of worship conducive for prayers. The arched entrance to the church significantly indicates that it was constructed purposefully for the purpose of worship since an arch symbolizes a church. The carvings of the tr...
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