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Globalization Question Religion & Theology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


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Ernst Troeltsch Typology of Church, Sect, and Cult
Despite the existence of a long history of the arguments about the church-sect polarity in church historians’ writings, the subject, if viewed from a sociological perfective can be credited to Max Weber. However, Troeltsch, a former colleague and student of Weber made the first conceptual typologies and sociological analyses. From the outset, therefore, the ‘Troeltschian’s Syndrome’ is manifested in the later theories surrounding the church-sect subject. Such manifestation indicates the change of interest from Weber’s approach to that of Troeltsch’s. Regardless whose analyses and typology is followed, the major concern is what can be inferred from the church-sect-cult theorizing.
Church: In his account, Weber considered the church to be a large organization while a sect was a much smaller one. Troeltsch advanced such views to create a typology that has been of much inspiration to the later sociologists. According to Troeltsch, churches serve as conservative mainstream organization that not only focus on defending the status quo but also have a monopoly over the truth. Apart from seeking to remain universal and open, churches in Troeltsch’s typology tend to attract individuals with high incomes whose interest is in the preservation of the society. His view is that the position churches hold is utterly true. Additionally, churches follow a well-laid out bureaucratic structure that is often hierarchical; they tend to have a clear line of seniority and follow various regulations. However, apart from the rules and regulations that churches set, members have to adhere to various demands. Such approaches are aimed at making active membership easily accessible to people from various social backgrounds.

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