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The Woman with Haemorrhage. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


the task involved reflecting on the biblical story about the The Woman with Haemorrhage


The Woman with Haemorrhage
The woman with the hemorrhage is a significant figure in the New Testament. She is a woman that depicts great faith in the healing power of Jesus. An important thing about the women with hemorrhage is the great faith she portrays. She pushes through the thick crowd with the belief that she can only get well through touching the cloak of Jesus. What fascinates m about this story is her determination through all the odds that even if she has no ability to talk to Jesus through action when would get well. It is a critical story of faith and which demonstrates the power that Jesus possessed. In addition, her faith shows that people that followed Jesus and waited for miracles had little faith as only by touching his cloth through faith; a miracle was guaranteed. The article “The Man with Flow of Power Porous Bodies in Mark 5; 25-34” by Candida R. Moss is influential in giving the ideal nature of Jesus's power. The website article, “how the woman with the hemorrhage is a model of faith for anyone with a chronic disease” by Chris Antenucci is a well-thought article that deeply analyses the powers of Jesus. The bible is also a great book through which this story is told in its primary form. The healing powers of Jesus are evident through this story and the impact of faith on the believers. The inherent reflection of this story is that the challenges people face in life can be solved through faith and actions.

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