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Jewish Epistemology (Essay Sample)


A one-page essay on the description of Epistemology, including Its characterization and effects on Jews as well as how it is instrumental in Judaism and other religions by providing a sense of direction. Particular emphasis is placed on Jews` interpretation of EPISTEMOLOGY. past beliefs and present ones are also discussed.


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Jewish Epistemology
Epistemology involves the study of knowledge, rationality, warrant and justification, and hence, religious epistemology is a study of how the epistemic ideas connect to religious belief and practice. Epistemology is instrumental in Judaism and other religions as it provides a sense of direction.
In nearly every civilization throughout human history, belief in God or some kind of the transcendent real has been presumed. In the West, the main religions claimed faith in God. In Judaism, God is the universe's omnipotent, all-knowing, perfectly decent and all-loving Creator (Cooley 88). The distinctive feature of Judaism is the ban to make a phallic image, as described in the Decalogue. It indicates that Judaism is not a perspective of the world, but rather a comprehension of the reality. It is not inscribed "See, Israel, the Lord, our God is unique," rather it is written "Hear" (Cooley 99). Hearing must be developed as the most complex of the five senses to help man's intellectual approach to understanding the truth.
Moreover, Rabbinical scholarship demands both revelation and reason; hence, every scripture demands interpretation when it comes to Judaism (Cooley 100). For a demonstration of the mythical philosophy of the Jews, the Kabbalah addresses questions significant in the West`s rhetorical tradition, regarding the relationship association between thought, reality and language.
To conclude, epistemology provides humans the ultimate instrument to ask questions regarding the significance of knowle

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