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Religion & Theology
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Organized Religion (Essay Sample)


Positive and negative aspects of Organized religion


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The Positive and Negative Aspects of Organized Religion
Organized religion has been around for many thousands of years. It has left its mark on cultures worldwide, and to this day, it is still a major driving force behind the decisions of many people and even governments. Many of the cultural traditions celebrated in modern times result from religious activities from previous periods. One need only look at holidays and festivals to see that organized religion plays an essential role in many societies. It is vital to get a complete picture of organized religion by looking at its positive and negative aspects.
There are several positive aspects of organized religion. According to Hebrew 12, the church controlled by the apostles has motivated civilization with religiousness and made us receivers of the spirituality and sanctity of boundless mystical leaders and saints. The organized church gave us the Bible, atonements, and a ridiculous veneration. This veneration contains spectacular consecrated art, rhymes, hymnography, structural design, and mantras (Beagan et al. 105).
The Bible, for instance, teaches us to adore God both as a person and in a community. People are responsible for nurturing their connection with God through Jesus Christ. For this reason, the scripture urges Christ-followers to exercise values like prayer, reading of the word of God, and kindness.
The organized religion has equipped formerly illiterate individuals with engraved dialects, stimulated clinics and colleges' structures, and encouraged individuals worldwide to respect liberty, integrity, and social privileges as the social race's fundamental rights (Beagan et al. 102).
Organized Christianity is ordinary, virtuous, and helpful for the domain. Therefore, same as the human body, the environment also has its rules.
Aside from the positive aspects of organized religion, there are also negative aspects. For instance, acts of community relations publicized to associate civic existence have been made the source for erections of secret principle and practice, which have troubled the many individuals whose benefits they are thought to attend. This regretful record's repercussion is the universal disregard into which belief has fallen (Beagan et al. 99).
Organized religion has turned out to be an utmost dangerous origin of hate and conflict among world individuals. According to Bahaullah, God will hold humankind's spiritual leaders accountable for this misfortune. Spiritual canon’s aut

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