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Religion & Theology
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Religion in the common marketplace Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


effects of Religion in the common marketplace


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Religion in the Common Marketplace
By nature, every human being is wired to believe in something, and most people find this in religion. It is, however, not an uncommon phenomenon for one to change from one religion to another. Religion is the act of believing and worshipping a supernatural/divine being (God/god). It is common to find communities believing in a higher power and even having spiritual leaders such as Gurus, Bishops, Fathers, Imams, etc. Different cultures believe in other things, and at times fraudsters and malicious people may take advantage of people's naivety to prey on them and mislead them. Some people believe that religion is a form of brainwashing whereby people believe foolishly without questioning anything. Religion can enter the shared marketplace and entanglement into the cultural marketplace (Cruz et al., p317). Religion already exists in a marketplace of ideas and cultural productions. Religion plays a very crucial role in the cultural marketplace.
In the search for faith, most people become desperate and blind. The vulnerability and desperation of individuals/cultures to hold on to a particular religion are evident in the documentary Kumare (the true story of a False Prophet). Despite all the possibilities of deception and being misled a person's belief in something or someone seems to surpass deceit or any other barriers. Vikram Gandhi is inspired by what he sees around him as people are easily deceived by "fake Gurus" (Mágico Psiconauta, 2017). The film seeks to explore how people can blindly follow any faith without question or testing it first. Vikram Gandhi undertakes a mission to explore how people can easily be misled in the name of religion. He grows his hair long, puts on orange robes, grows his beard and transforms his physical appearance to a Guru. Vikram Gandhi goes ahead to take Yoga lessons and even hires a Human Resource expert to help "advertise" him.

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