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Religion & Theology
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Field Study - Religion. Religion & Theology Essay. (Essay Sample)


Paper #2: Field Study
Watch one of the religious services provided on the “Field Studies” link on the “Videos”
page of Laulima. Students must have had no prior contact whatsoever with the
religion they observe. At least five points will be deducted for not following these basic
Provide the following information in your opening paragraph: 1) a list of all religions with
which you have had contact in your life; 2) the religion, sect (denomination or branch),
building, address, date, and time of the service you observed.
Describe in detail the art and architecture you saw. Describe in detail the clergy and the
laity who were present (demographic data matters tremendously!). Describe in detail
the rituals that were performed and any myths that may have been enacted through
rituals, portrayed through art, or discussed during a sermon. How did the service help
construct and control reality for the congregation?
Did you feel comfortable watching this service? Why, or why not? With what
stereotypes, assumptions, and expectations did you come into this field research
assignment? How was the service different from what you expected? How did your
experience compare to the description of this religion in your reading assignments (cite
the author and page numbers) and in our class lectures? How did your own beliefs,
ideas, and assumptions affect your interpretation of the experience?
Cite your sources: the YouTube address of the service you watched, the author and
page numbers of your reading assignments, and any websites visited must be cited.


First and Last Name 
Field Study - Religion
Religions I have contacted
In my life, I have been in contact with the Catholic and protestant religions. Catholicism has been the primary religion that I attended. I, therefore, have relative in-depth knowledge about the Catholic faith and its practices. I have been close to my local Catholic Church leaders both personally and on spiritual matters. I have also been in contact with the protestant religion through the acquaintances I have had, enabling me to know some of its aspects. This religion is less conservative than the Catholic faith in the tradition that they uphold. Further, I realized that the protestant faithful hold their services more freely without following specific and rigid doctrine like the Catholics. This made me realize that indeed, there are different ways through which to praise the supreme being.
The religion of choice, location, and time
For this assignment, I observed the Islamic faith closely. The building was in Tampa Street on 20th September 2020 at 10.30 am.

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