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Religion & Theology
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COMPARING ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Comparing the religious ideals in christianity and islam


Comparing Islam and Christianity
Religion is the belief in a supernatural being and following guidelines that align with the teachings of particular ideas (Netland et al. p 1). The two most dominant thoughts are Christianity and Islam. The two religions share several ideologies and views on ultimate reality and the condition and purpose of humanity. At the same time, the two religions have very significant differences between the two perspectives that lead to exciting discoveries. Comparing the two religions surfaces the pros and cons of the endeavor. This essay seeks to indulge in a comparative analysis of Islam and the Christian faith.
The primary religious ideals presented in both Christianity and Islam compare and contrast to some extent. For the Islam religion, there are five pillars of the act of worship. There is a declaration of faith-shahada, prayer-salat, charity-zakat, fasting-sawm, and pilgrimage to Mecca-hajj. 

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