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Religion & Theology
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Therapeutic Philosophy. Consciousness, Therapeutic Philosophy. Religion & Theology Essay. (Essay Sample)


The task was the therapeutic nature of philosophy. the sample attached is about how early philosophical writings exhibit philosophy as therapeutic by explaining concepts such as existence and the soul.


Consciousness, Therapeutic Philosophy
Throughout cultures; Eastern and Western, philosophers have contemplated about the soul. According to Aristotle, “to achieve any guaranteed acquaintance with the soul is one of the most problematic achievements in the world” (I:1). Most of the philosophers, however, believe that the soul is an integral part of people’s identity, a part of human unity which espouses the body and the mind, and perhaps, as (Ricoeur 428) asserts, “…connecting the ethical facet of human conduct to pleasure and displeasure…”. The fundamental unifying factor in the two has always been the soul. Perusing through early philosophical writings, one is sure to encounter illustrations of the concept of “the soul”, elaborating the timelessness of the study. To better grasp the scope of the topic under discussion, it is paramount to question the premise of the topic. What could be the meaning of “the soul”? What is the definition of consciousness?

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