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Religion & Theology
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Reincarnation is a philosophical or rather a religious concept. (Essay Sample)


I was tasked to give my thoughts of reincarnation (“rebirth” for Indians)?
The sample attached explores my thoughts on re birth for Indians


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Reincarnation is a philosophical or rather a religious concept that upon death of the biological body, someone’s spirit or soul can once again begin a new life in another new body. Many religions agree with this belief especially the Hindu though others also like Spiritism, Eckankar and Theosophy do.
This whole concept of rebirth is such a raising concern especially when trying to explain about the destiny and origin of mankind. It is really interesting to know that one lived long before the current life since it helps to understand the judgments one can make about the meaning of one’s life. Where one opts to seek some inner liberation, reincarnation will indeed act very well as a source of comfort. 

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