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Religion & Theology
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Religion and Science Fiction. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper required comparison of religion and science fiction


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Religion and Science Fiction
Religion and science fiction are two opposing sides that have been competing towards winning the souls of human beings. Religion and science have different viewpoints regarding a given idea, and this makes them compete to win the human soul and mind. While science is based on facts that try to explain the future, religion is based on faith, where people believe in great things that will come in the future. There has been no agreement between science and religion in the past. When a person believes in science fiction, he opposes the views of religion. Conversely, when a person believes in religion, he opposes the views of science fiction. This is because each side believes the opponent is a liar. According to Mckee (105), science fiction naturalizes the extraordinary occurrences in nature by transforming them into science-like puzzles. In this context, science fiction tries to find the cause of extraordinary occurrences. Hence, when a scientific explanation is obtained, the occurrence becomes normal rather than extraordinary. Mckee (145) states that the aim of science fiction is using imagination to create a real-world in the future, which is assumed to be better than the present world.

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