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The Four Noble Truths Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)




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The Four Noble Truths
The Four Noble Truths entails the importance of the teachings of Buddha, however much of the things are left behind with no explanation. These Four Noble Truths are; the truth about suffering, the truth about what causes the suffering, the truth about the culmination of suffering and finally the truth about what is leading to the end of the suffering. These four truths tend to speak about the reality of suffering. They clearly show that suffering its cause, its end, and it also has a cause in bringing about its end. The ideology of suffering is not geared toward displaying a negative world view, but rather an ideal perspective that is intended in dealing with the world as it appears and bring in rectifications.
These noble four truths have a great relation with the concept of Trishna. This is because of the primary idea that they all share. Trishna has been used to mean an act of being thirty, having a thirst for or a strong feeling and desire or longing for something. In relation to the Four Noble Truths, it is more evident that the act of pursing pleasure is not rejected, but is always known as fleeting. This strong chase for pleasure can only go on what is in the end an unquenchable thirst. The same logical sense is believed to be the understanding of happiness. In the ultimate end, whatever is certain and unavoidable is death, ageing and sickness.

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