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Differences between Hellenic and Hellenistic Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper details required the Differences between Hellenic and Hellenistic in an essay form and formatted in MLA.


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Differences between Hellenic and Hellenistic
Greek civilization has been a topic of interest for different scholars for centuries. Some of the main forms of study used to examine Greek civilization include Hellenic and Hellenistic studies. It is imperative to understand the factors that distinguish the two forms used in studying the history of Ancient Greek. Some of the factors that differentiate Hellenic and Hellenistic studies include the period of study, nature of art, philosophy, science, and religion (Gifford 102). Considering there are various differences that are evident on the understanding of studies based on Hellenic and Hellenistic Greek civilization, it is essential to break down the factors that dominated during every study period.
Hellenic studies mainly focus on numerous ways through which scholars studied Ancient Greeks based on the period starting in 510 BCE and ending in 323 BCE. The study focuses on a time when the region was referred to as Classical Greece. Moreover, the system also studies the overall impact that Hellenic civilization had on other historical periods, such as the Renaissance, the Medieval period, and modern times. On the other hand, Hellenistic studies has been known to focus on studying Ancient Greeks who lived from 323 BCE up to 146 BCE (Hartog and Jutta 340). It is evident that the difference between the period when Hellenic studies took place and Classical Greece is 323 BCE, which is the year of death for Alexander the Great. The time period provides a major disparity in studies conducted during Hellenic and Hellenistic periods.

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