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Religion & Theology
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Religion - Islam. A brief essay about islam religion. (Essay Sample)


A brief essay about islam religion


Instructor’s name:
Islam is a problem. No, Muslims are the source of the world’s problem. It has appeared that most problems in the world currently are caused by Muslims. It would be understood if one were to believe or perceive so. It has been said by many in the west that the covering of faces by Muslim women has complicated the whole concept of relations between communities. The reason is because hiding the face sends a clear sign of isolation and separation. Many people are not comfortable associating with Muslim women because of covered face. It is difficult to be open and relate to a person you cannot see her face. The covering of faces to some people is a confirmation of isolation and that these women are not ready and willing to associate with the other members of the society. Many people are of the idea that Muslim women should stop wearing the veils. Many terrorist attacks across the globe nowadays is associated or linked to Muslims. The question is that, is it true that terrorists are Muslims? Or is it true that terrorism is part of Islam? These are some of the questions that need to be addressed. I will try to address this issue by analyzing sentiments of some of the Muslim scholars. Speeches of prominent people in the west clearly depict a negative and a tainted image of the Muslims or if not the Muslims, then it is the Islam religion. This could be either a plain truth or an unfair and unjustified perception of the entire Islam society.
Jim Al-Khalili is a Scholar who studied physics. His family is traced back to one of the culturally rich families in Iraq. The mother is British. He spent most of his tender age in Britain. This places him in a good position to step in stop the widening gap between the Islam and the European cultures. He thus clearly understands the two cultures, this makes him accepted as credible and reliable in trying to understand and deal with this issue.

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