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View of Afterlife Religion & Theology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


I was required to write about View of Afterlife.


View of Afterlife
The world is made up of many different religions that hold onto diverse beliefs. The fact they all perceive is that humans are immortal beings and their spirit emanates from a divine arena and may finally return to the same place at some point in time. In fact, since the ancient forms of spiritual expression, the notion of having an afterlife is a great promise religions have given to their followers. According to teachings in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the part in people that survives death is referred to as the soul (Loza). Hinduism see the spiritual essence as part of the divine in living beings that is external and strive to be adjoined with the Universal Soul. Ideally, there are different beliefs among religions regarding what happens to the soul when human beings die, which are significant in guiding people’s actions while on Earth.
Rationale for the Topic
The topic of afterlife has been widely researched and discussed around the world. Many questions have been left unanswered, especially on what leads individuals to belief in what they do (Black 280). The topic becomes of interest in the sense that all major faiths hold onto the notion that after the spirit leaves the body it migrates to another place of existence. However, there are certain faiths contending that it rises to an area known as paradise or moves down to hell (Loza). There are also those that hold onto the notion that the spirit attains a rebirth into becoming another physical body. Therefore, only through analysis of different religions would one understand the topic of afterlife.

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