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Research and Discuss the Effects of Technology on Religion (Essay Sample)


Discuss the effects of technology on religion

Professor’s Name:
Student’s Name: Shqiprie Dreshaj
End of The World: Technology Takes Over
Woe to you who believes in a world on high end technology, and having the best of the best with using less labor. One day in this world full of technology this world will have robots serve us at restaurants or even cafes’. It’s starting to slowly happen, because of the jobs being taken away from people. Why, because of the better technology that we all have now. Our toll booths, not all but soon we will not have to deal with toll booths anymore. Technology got so strong that they charge people’s lives by mail or E-ZPass. In fact, technology is becoming a necessity such without it life would become difficult. Due to technological advancements, many people have lost their lives since jobs are mechanized with only a few remaining for technocrats who controls the machines. The unfortunate fact is more and more people will soon be rendered jobless. Another example, when we go to supermarkets, we no longer have to wait on lines. We created a thing called self-checkout, to make life easier and serve us faster. The business people think it will be easier or just convenient to apply technology in every aspect of business operation, but that is where they are wrong because one day they too will lose their job too to all these machines. Entrepreneurs say invention and process mechanization is better for them since the processes will be faster. On the contrary I do not think that will be the ultimate truth. I believe technology is a necessary evil to the society, companies, and Indi duals alike. For example, technology has made people lazier. Even simple tasks that require less energy to perform, are today done by machines. Therefore, the machines have just made people lazier and less self-sufficient and the stronger the technology gets the more jobs will be taken away.
Though businesses will save more money because they won’t have to pay employees, they will have to face the challenges that come with innovation. For example, the firms can just spend the money on a machine to do the job that three people would have done, therefore cut on cost. The disadvantage of the technology on the society is, kids will not ever learn how to struggle as the earlier generation did struggle. The changes will come mainly because with a press of a button the children will have whatever they need anytime. Strange as it may sound but the reality is technology will take over the society. In the year 2075, there seemed to be a huge technology failure. For those who have created all these robots and machines, are attacking their owners. The robots are attacking mankind. What will people do with the disaster that the past generation has left? There are people without homes, because of all the jobs taken away. No one knows what to do, or control this outrage. Let’s take a look back to what has happened, just a decade ago people, business owners, property owners, etc. got greedy for technology. The government, the president, they all got selfish. They fired those who worked for them, and saved their money by buying robots. Given the investment in robots, the poor remained poor, the middle class became poor and upper class just increased their wealth. The notion of things becoming easier, faster, and convenient was wrong since more damages are done on people and the society as a whole. The society lost everything except those who are first class, at the time. Even the first class people thought they had it all, but they didn't know that their robots and their machines would go against them.
Now back to 2075, where we stand all together, in fear, scared about what will happen next to us. No one knew, no one can control it, not even the government. As everyone continued to fight for what was theirs, try to fight off all the robots. Everyone in America lost everything, there were people out on the streets trying to find places to hide. People burning down businesses, homes, buildings, just to keep safe. Mankind would not help one another, they just continued to help themselves. This all started because of people becoming greedy, and selfish. We have fallen to another great depression yet again. No one had money in their bank accounts, people were fighting people. There was a robot crisis going on, and no one knew how to control this crisis. There was a way but no one decided to work together and figure it out, they just freaked out and lost control. That’s how mankind was almost gone, but almost was not the end. Once people started to trust one another they will figure out their way out of this. But until then, they need to figure out their currency problem. No one had money, and if there was someone who had money, it was the robots. So humans had to try to work backwards and remember how they put the robots together. Without the robots knowing they are being attacked. In Buddhism, the purpose of life is to end suffering. The Buddha taught that humans suffer because we continually strive after things that do not give lasting happiness. The people of America need to work together to end the suffering that they all once caused to each other. Even though we thought that the robots would make us happier, and make things easy for us it didn’t. And we need to get over the fact that it didn’t work, we strived for it, but it didn’t create happiness for the American people. It just created a storm that we the people regret. But when it rains it pours, so we need to work together and reach our goal to make our country better than it was before all this mess started. “The Buddha said of death: Life is a journey.
Death is a return to earth. The universe is like an inn. The passing years are like dust. Regard this phantom world as a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, A flash of lightning in a summer cloud, A flickering lamp - a phantom - and a dream”(/buddhism/beliefs) . We build the death of our country, now it has to return from the dead, it shall pass and become great again. We the people need to work together, hold on another’s hands and rebuild. Without our dedication and self-assessment where we went wrong, things will become tougher on us, and more and more of our people will lose their jobs, health will deteriorate, and the economy will scramble. The US government has much stake in helping its citizens out of this crisis. The government, for example, can formulate regulations on the use of robots at the expense of people. Everyone has a duty to make our country great again. Businesses should use labor-intensive methods of production to reduce the unemployment rate. Two the moderate use of robots will lower the risk of attack from the alien robots to humankind. Ideally, a man should desist from making man-like things since the only being responsible for creation is the Supreme Being that controls the universe. Besides, when human resources eliminate the use of robots, the economy will rise again, where everybody will have a chance of climbing the ladder without creating a barrier between the poor, the middle class, and the upper class in the society. It is only through our interventions can we redeem our universe that we caused its death. Cutting cost should be a priority over the personal expense.
From Hinduism perspective, a universe is a single unit where everything in it is related and connected through its diversity of beliefs. The religion allows one to believe in many things about the universe, God and the liberation of humanity from life afflictions. According to Hinduism “truth is one sage; call it by different names.” Meaning there is an existence of a lasting soul that transmigrates from one body to another body at death. Also, Karma law determines human destiny in one generation to the next generation. From the religion, we can deduce that regardless of the sad state of the universe caused by our actions, at one point it will be great once again. Since the religion is diverse such that particular belief about God and gods are less important, humanity takes precedence over any other thing. It follows, therefore, that w...
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