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Religion & Theology
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From Beowulf to the Second Shepherd's Play (Essay Sample)


describe how religion was significant to people


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From Beowulf to the Second Shepherd's Play
Religion played a significant part in many folks’ lives in early British literature. It was part of the cultural beliefs since it had created a culture among the people where some used to believe in the religion while others focused on the traditions. Besides, in the middle ages, Christianity was able to solidify its control since the majority believed in it. As a result, the world became unified. People were able to interact in different churches since Christianity was the dominant culture among the people. Despite the kinds of traditions that appeared in the middle ages, Christianity was had been seen as the best culture which has to be adopted, thus followed by almost every individual. as a result, churches dominated the lives of this time frame.
Despite bearing some similarities, the works of Beowulf and the second shepherd play have some differences. Even though Beowulf and the Second Shepherds Play have different storylines, diverse plots, and even unlike periods, they both appear to have a strong resemblance in their Christian interpretations. For instance, there are many rudiments of religious viewpoints in Beowulf's play (Wyatt, Alfred 326). An excellent example of such essentials is that Beowulf survives under the defense of God. Further, Grendel was descending from Cain. Finally, there is the superb flood contrast. All these reflect what Beowulf survives and how he reviews religion. On the other hand, the second shepherd's play presents religious rudiments referring to the spiritual anonymous of the birth of Christ (Roney, Lois 698). Further, throughout the pay, there is the presentation of biblical stories.
However, even though the two plays reflect different plots and different religious views, they share similar qualities through Christ. Their spiritual and biblical analogies are identical despite the associated differences (Wyatt, Alfred 328). For instance, under Beowulf, the religious resemblances are that there exists a man recognized as Beowulf. He is brave and surviving under God's protection while struggling in the battle of his life. As a result, Beowulf believes in God and not fortune to control the survivors of the fight between him and the monster Grendel.
Further, Beowulf thought that God would offer protection, and therefore, he should live to serve Him to win the battle. Comparing such to the Second Shepherded Play, God send Christ to the world for Him to be born as human beings (Roney, Lois 699). Such was done to reveal that God is human and resembles us. Th

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