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Violence in Religion (Essay Sample)


the paper looks into the various forms of violence as portrayed by the religion

Violence in Religion
Religion in the world is marked with various cases of violence. Not only is this violence on the non-believers of the specific religious groups, but also to the believers who defect (Armstrong & Karen 235). For instance, converts receive mistreatments and are entitle to death according to the Islamic beliefs. The fact that most of the prisons have individuals who are of a given religion shows that religion is violent (Armstrong & Karen 245). Research findings demonstrate that Catholics are more in prisons than any other group. Moreover, probably this is because many of the religious rules contradict the state laws. Further, Mass murders and suicidal cults are prevalent in religious organizations. Besides, there are several religious groups with scriptural justification on killing. Thus, religion under these lenses is seen to be violent.
In the Muslim and Hindu religion, defectors are often mistreated. Consequently, this can lead to death of these individuals. The Hindu people in Asia have always battled the Christians in the region (Juergensmeyer, Mark & Margo Kitts 123). This has led to deaths due to these confrontations. The Hindus have been protective of their followers and the encroachment of Islamic and Christian religions receives resistance from this religious faction (Juergensmeyer, Mark & Margo Kitts 233). The Islamic religion on the other hand is very radical on the individuals that defect from their religion. Moreover, the Islamic religion gives its individuals a right to kill in the name of religion. For instance, Mohammed Merah from France, formerly an Algerian killed several people in France for a belief of promotion to paradise (Pinker & Steven 354). Moreover, from the bible, the Israelites engaged in various battles with an aim of protecting their religion. Further, the Christian in the ancient Israelites community were very stern concerning the breaking of the law (Pinker & Steven 371). The individuals who committed capital offences were stoned to death. They fought their enemies and shed blood of their neighbors. Thus, religion promotes violence.
Prisoners in most countries are members of given faiths and believes. Research shows that Catholics form the largest number of prisoners in the prisons. This fact is attributed to the laws and beliefs that these individuals ascribe to. The religious laws affect the individuals to commit crimes based on their religion. Moreover, some religions are conservative and taken more literally (Pinker & Steven 475). For instance, some religions discriminate against the women. Moreover, these beliefs go as far as going against the children rights. Furthermore, others are very severe on the human rights, such as early marriages to girl children. These vices affect homes in that the wives are abused concerning gender roles. Nevertheless, child abuse claims, prostitution, drugs and other vices are common in the catholic community (Murphy & Andrew 471). The reason for this is coupled to the lack of knowledge among its believers and the...
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