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Exploring the Diversity of Women in Islam (Essay Sample)




Women in Islam
Muslim women are facing negative misconceptions and stereotypes concerning their roles in Islam. Muslim women occupy many occupations in the world, such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Society believes that Muslim women suffer from oppression due to their religion, where their human rights are denied and are required to cover themselves. However, just as women from other traditional societies, Muslim women are fighting for equality in society and education, family roles, and oppressive practices. Muslim women's struggles emanate from cultural traditions and not Islam. The role of women in Islam is empowered compared to other traditional societies in the world.
Islam does not clearly define the role of women. It, however, recognizes the equality between men and women. Islam also identifies women's function and how they support men by encouraging a balanced family and social life. During the 7th Century, Islam identified women's right to owning property, being financially independent and restricted infant homicide, and changed marriage and divorce rules (Duiker and Spielvogel, 188). Islam does not oppress women, but oppression comes from political ideologies, ignorance, and cultural differences.
Muslim women are re-writing their discourse and are empowered. Muslim women are holding political positions in society. Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey have women head of states. Muslim women are also holding religious leadership positions such as teachers, leaders, and preachers. The Muslim woman can also determine her ability in society and their properties (Islamic Society of Greater Lansing). Muslim women's role is much better compared to other traditional societies, which are patriarchal.
In conclusion, the role of Musli

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