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Religion & Theology
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Morality of Atheists and Religious Devotees (Essay Sample)


Religion and morality


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Morality of Atheists and Religious Devotees
Many a times, there have been people who have dared to question the morality of atheists and those of staunch religious devotees. Atheists are a representation of a wide broadcast of absence of beliefs in the existence of deities. Notably, they tend to broadly reject the existence of God with certain well-reasoned out elaborations to back up their claims (Brown-Iannuzzi et al., 292). Morally, they are considered to be less moral by those who considers themselves to be pure religious devotees. However, from a literal sense, it can be noted that they are not really less moral as they are widely perceived to be. They only have a different literal and more conceptually essential viewpoint of deities, which can give rise to a set of literal beliefs about the relationship between religion and morality.
Literally, the atheists are not less moral but they just have a different view of deities. They believe that there is no God, who is the supreme being. By wrapping themselves in such beliefs, they develop reasons as to what they believe there is no God. By so doing, the nature of man in relation to religions is questioned. Atheists help in developing through self-assessment and self-evaluation of moral being of every member of the society. Atheism would therefore help in making people to understand the adversities associated with extreme religious practices. Just like the common resentment, “too much of something is poisonous”, too much of religious practices may be a hinderance to development, as it may deter the people from practicing other important activities like focusing on economic development. This in a literal sense implies that religious devotees tend to spend most of their time on religious functions instead of diverting their time and efforts to other productive activities.
Atheists are not less moral but they advocate for the eradication of moral adversities that are associated with religion, more so, Christian faith. For instance, atheist argue that no matter the situation, humanity should be the foremost act that should be embraces. They thus place humanity before Christianity. Typically, this would imply that atheists tend to make the society to understand that the aim of religion is to help mankind not to scale to high levels of spirituality, but to express high level of gratitude to nature, by being kind and human to every creature on the earth. This goes in accordance with social ethics which also hold that being human is of utmost importance. Often, Christians tend to peruse serving God to the extent of forgetting to serve humans and embracing the art of humanity.

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